In my home studio in Wiltshire, I design and create unusual & affordable high quality fused and sculptured dichroic & coloured glass jewellery

Dichroic (di-kro-ik, meaning of two colours) was designed by NASA for the space programme. It is magical and beautiful, using both transmitted and reflected light to change colour like a dragonfly, a kingfisher, or petrol in a puddle!

Each of my kiln fired pieces can be cut, ground, shaped and fired several times, held and annealed for durability, fire-polished and carefully hand crafted onto ribbon or other findings, beautifully presented.

Your dichroic glass piece will be 100% exclusive to you as no two items will ever be the same! Every item is a guaranteed one-off.

Notoriously difficult to photograph, the colour changes when held up to the light or worn against the skin.

Enjoy browsing my site- I hope you will find something to treasure that will be a talking point for many years to come!