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lacking a visible order or organization

completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing


Rainbows are optical and meteorological phenomena that cause a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines onto droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere.
and that is my glass!

What Exactly Is Dichroic Glass?
`Dichroic` (Di-kro-ick) means two colours, and the glass seems to be different colours when looked at from different angles or in varying degrees of light.
Its made by adding a thin layer of metallic oxides, which gives it a transmitted colour  (where the light goes through the glass) and a different reflective colour ( where light bounces off the glass)

NASA used the properties of this glass on the windows of space vehicles, and now glass artists can use this wonderful, magical medium for you to wear as delicious jewellery - amazing!

Written by Penny (
8th February†2007
"I am a great fan of dichroic glass and even more so of the talented people who create it. Hillary Thompson is one such person, creating dichroic glass jewellery from her studio in Wiltshire and selling it through her company Chaotic Rainbow.
I love the way she melds the colours to sparkle and shimmer, complemented by the pretty satin ribbons she uses to string her jewellery from. Im enthralled and inspired by the beauty of her dichroic creations and am pleased to be able to display examples of† her creations on my site. Each piece of jewellery she makes is unique and she is available for commission, should you have an idea for a piece."

Written by myself for Penny
February 2007
"Since I was a little girl I have always been `crafty!` Always painting, creating, making things from scraps & glue, and as I got older that never really stopped. I would make bead jewellery, create fimo animals, tie-dye, paint furniture etc. Then I saw a piece of dichroic glass and fell in love with it, was desperate to discover its secrets and develop it into my own style. I went on a w/e course to see if it was for me. I had a wonderful time, and after that 2 day introduction went home and bought a kiln straight away! I turned my third bedroom into a small studio and soon had all the tools I needed to begin! I had found my niche in life, and my relationship with dichroic glass began. Each little piece I create is special to me, a lot of work and love goes into everything I do, and it can be very difficult to part with some of the creations! I enjoy producing unusual & intricate pieces, and hardly ever start one with an idea in mind, the shape & colour of the glass leads the design, and I am often surprised at the outcome!
I love to use beautiful, bright ribbon with the pendants, to really bring out the colours in the glass and ensure the piece is eye-catching, original & unique. Each item is a one-off, people love to know they`re wearing something that is exclusive to them. I like to think that if you are wearing something of mine, whether it be a necklace, earrings, hairslide, bracelet or cufflinks, it will be a talking point!
I take a lot of my inspiration from the sea, nature, & fairy tales, using colours and shapes that signify these things to me."


My Kiln


Get one of these guys free with each order - collect a tribe!

What a good idea! Congratulations Michael!
Groom, Best Man, Father Of The bride, Etc..

"The cufflinks arrived a couple of days ago, and I'm very happy with them indeed! They're really lovely. Since you ask why I bought so many, I'm getting married in August and they're presents for the fathers, best man, ushers and so on. I'm sure they'll be happy with them!"
Richard, Cambridge
"My order arrived safely today thank you.I have to say that I am even more impressed than I was with the photo of the jewellery - really stunning. I had struggled to find a special / unique present that wasn't too expensive for a friends birthday. Now that it has arrived I think I may have problems parting with it! I'm confident she will love it too and no doubt I will be back shopping for Christmas. Also thank you for the lovely little boggle eyed beauty (my daughter has made that her own)"
Eileen, Buckinghamshire

"Every time I wear it, people comment on how beautiful it is.."
Jackie, Wiltshire.

 "The colours were so lovely, I just had to have another one!"
Stephanie, Perthshire & Kinross.

"...arrived safe and sound...I've worn it twice, and both times received numerous compliments. I like it so much, I was planning on coming back for one of the white and pink colored pendants I saw earlier. Thank you for a unique, interesting and one-of-a-kind piece. I also told the girls where I do my grocery shopping about you, so maybe you'll see some business come in from Mystic, CT as well."
Irene, Connecticut, USA

"Thank you so much. The two pendants arrived safely and they are absolutely beautiful. I have no doubt they will be much treasured by both my friends."
Gill, Taunton, Somerset

"Hillary - thank you! It arrived safely on Saturday morning - great service. It's lovely, it's for a friend's 40th birthday - she'll love it. I'll be back visiting your site before too long I think - there's some really lovely and unusual stuff there."
Debbie, Aberdeen

"I'm pleased to know I have a one-off creation - the sunflower pendant is lovely. All glasswork seems magical to me and the way you combine colours and form is amazing. I love the unusual results and look forward to wearing the pieces many many times"
Brenda, Warwickshire

"Thanks for prompt delivery. Your jewellery is fabulous."
Ray, Middlesex

"Hillary,both orders received safely and the items are fab.
The first order was for Christmas presents but I liked them too much so they are for me! Your website is on my favourites list so will be back "
Tricia, Surrey

"My earrings arrived today and they are beautiful! So pretty and I got compliments on them immediately."
Siri, Michegan,USA

"Jewellery arrived safely on Thursday 26th November and I am very pleased with it. I was also very impressed with the pretty boxes it came in, a nice touch! Hopefully will be ordering from you again in the future and will be recommending you to family and friends."
Pat, Surrey

"Hello, My order arrived yesterday and I am sure my wife will love them when she opens them at Christmas"
John, Cleveland

"I have to say how delighted I am with the pendant. In reality I am even more pleased, as the photograph cannot convey the full beauty of the piece and its true size. I was taking a gamble on the earrings going with it to make a set and I'm not disappointed. I guess that now I have an email address for you I can quote names of items to you and ask your opinion if they go together prior to ordering.The only problem I have now is that this was intended as a present and I don't want to give it away"
Suzanne, Sutton Coldfield



A customer of mine, Lyn Gardner from Aberdeen, showing how to wear a hairslide with style!

A very frequent Customer! Jane Wilson sent me this pic of her 13 bugs!!